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THE SDF Vision

We do things a little differently here. Our health & fitness training revolves around how you feel and function both physically and mentally throughout your day! Our training style revolves around functionality, and many of the exercises mimic everyday movement that humans perform on a regular basis. Through functional & purposeful training, we minimize our risk of injury, reduce chronic pain & inflammation, and build strong foundations within the body. We combine positive and empowering coaching techniques with an extensive knowledge of the body in order to empower clients towards success. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym or eating salads for every meal. Committing to ones health is about taking small, meaningful steps towards increasing overall health and wellbeing in a tangible, realistic way.

About salina

Salina walking 2.jpg

Hello! My name is Salina and my passion is to help others find their strong. I believe in the power of movement. Through resistance training, our bodies and minds build a resilience to stress and adversity.

Strength & Empowerment Work: It’s been my experience that once people start to learn about their power, they not only build confidence but, they develop an understanding of the importance of what it means to take care of themselves, which only positively affects themselves and others around them. I want to create a space in the world of fitness where anyone, regardless of their fitness level, age, or background, can feel confident, strong, and empowered in their own lives.